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In the market today, we feel that it is a great time to invest in alpaca as breeding stock.

  • We offer FREE financing for up to 12 months with 25% of total purchase paid in advance
  • We offer free board for THREE months with the purchase of alpacas from our breeding program. Fiber-quality alpacas will be agisted for up to 30 days free of charge
  • Free transport of any female alpaca within a 150 mile radius. (Does not apply for alpaca in Package Specials and any discounted alpaca.)
  • Full disclosure of all medical history and health care records
  • Ongoing support and consultation
  • Industry standard guarantees on all breeding stock: Live birth guarantees and warranties, and full reproductive capability for our females, unless otherwise noted.
  • Generous discounts available on multiple alpaca purchases
  • Complimentary halter and lead

Please read more about the services that we offer with the sale of our animals here.

You may ask... At a recent Alpaca Fiber Seminar, there was a question that was raised about the pricing of the alpaca, and why one would pay a higher price for a female, vs. one that was much less. A well respected alpaca fiber judge replied to say this:

"Alpaca farms have low prices on their animals for a reason. That lower price female may take two or three generations to get the end results that you could have gotten from that higher price female in the first breeding. You may be getting a healthy alpaca at a lower price but have to breed it to a more expensive male to get to the results you want.

The higher price female should be an alpaca of much greater quality. Just by looking at her you should be able to tell the difference. If the higher quality female dam is on the farm you can get an even better idea on what she will produce. In other words that higher price female will get the end result faster for you.

Secondly, you have to buy what you can afford. Their are a lot of breeders who have two business plans. One for the higher quality females and one for lower price females of a lower quality."

Any future alpaca owner should strive to improve the offspring of the dam, by breeding that alpaca to one that is of an improved quality, or to an alpaca that has a quality that she is lacking. This is what we are very active in doing at Island Alpaca.

Farm-Stay Special Offer:

Should you be visiting the island to tour our farm and alpaca for possible purchase, the cost of your overnight stay would be applied towards your alpaca purchase. If you would be visiting to conduct a breeding (either drive-by or farm-stay breeding) you can be our guests for the night! (Subject to availability.)

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Angelina (Island Alpaca Angelina) | Female - Proven
One Champion and Four Blues. Angelina, one of our best females, has beautifully dense fine fleece, an incredible top-knot, a strong body and a terrific future! Angelina has VERY strong genetics. All of her cria look exactly like her! With a sweet and gentle disposition, and her good looks, Angelina also has outstanding heritage; Her sire, prestigious 4Peruvian Altiplano has produced an amazing number of show winners, Angelina included!
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Lunette (Lunette of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Two Champions and Four Blues. Lunette is a marvel! Fine lustrous crimp that is very dense and bright. She takes after her dam, Luna with blue ribbons in hand, a color champion and best in a "Bred & Owned" class of fifteen alpaca! Lunette's first cria, Larissa is just as beautiful as her and Lunette's amazing fleece qualities have been passed down to her gorgeous brown daughter. We are really looking forward to seeing how her future cria turn out to be! Lunette is the granddaughter of the very well-known 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold.
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Purl (Talon's Purl of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Three First Place Ribbons. Purl is one to watch! A beautiful grey Purl is with her tremendously fine, bright fleece and quality conformation, we look forward to watching her grow! A tuxedo patterned grey, Purl is almost spot free. Her sire is Magic's Talon, a male who has won one champion and multiple blues.
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Reduced: $8,500
Aftiel (Archangel's Aftiel) | Female - Proven
Aftiel has fabulous solid color! Her fleece is fine and dense exhibiting high luster. She has a very strong frame and is thick-boned. An outstanding phenotype! Her dam, Nova's Twilight, is a fabulous black with terrific presence and valuable heritage: Snowmass Nova and Snowmass Peruvian Casanova.
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Angelica (Estrada's Angelica of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Angelica wins the coveted Judges Choice Award for superior fleece at the 2013 Tennessee Alpaca Waltz Fleece show. In addition the Reserve Champion in her color class and the blue in age group! Angelica's fleece is an astonishing white that is very bright, dense, and fine. She has both champion ribbon winning parents. Her dam Angelina has won a champion and several blues and her sire, CT Estrada, is an 8x Champion and has won over 30 First Place Ribbons!
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Aquinnah (Pietro's Aquinnah of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Aquinnah is a sweet alpaca, with a wonderfully fine fleece. (19.3 micron after one year of age!) Please see record of her fiber analysis. We could expect her fleece to remain very fine, as her sire, Pietro, at three years of age, was at 21 micron. She is the granddaughter of Pax and Alacante!
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Ariana (Madigan's Ariana of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Four Blues and Two Highest Scoring in Color Group Ribbons. Ariana is a large female with beautiful dark fawn fleece. Her most noticeable characteristic is her fleece which has prized luster that is dense with a bold crimp and an incredible staple length! Fantastic lineage Ariana has! She is the granddaughter of the famous multiple champion winner, CCNF Archangel.
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Reduced: $7,500
Arias (Archangel's Arias) | Female - Proven
Archangel's Arias is truly one of Island Alpacas favorites! Arias has fine fiber with a very lustrous bold crimp, a perfect bite and conformation. An amazing genetic line Arias has which includes: Peruvian Hemingway and multiple champion winner, CCNF Archangel.
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Billie Jean (FF Billie Jean) | Female - Proven
Billie Jean is a very loving and caring alpaca, with her personality and with her mother skills. Her fiber is luxuriously soft, and with two extremely dense parents, she should have an abundance of it. She is the granddaughter of FF Legacy Gold's Lucky 13. She will be a sound addition to any herd.
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Marcella (Estrada's Marcella of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Marcella has beautiful tightly crimped fleece that is very fine, uniform, and dense. She has the perfect phenotype... She's thick-boned, has a gorgeous top-knot and face, she has a wonderful conformation, and overall has a very pleasing look. Her sire, CT Estrada, is an 8x Champion and has won over 30 First Place Ribbons!
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Reduced: $6,000
Nicola (Estrada's Nicola of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Nicola is a very beautiful brown female who has a great disposition! She has a very bright fleece that is very fine and uniformed. Wonderful genetics and a very caring, nurturing mother. A wonderful genetic line that includes Snowmass Peruvian Avalanche and 8x champion, Greybeard. Her sire, CT Estrada, is an 8x Champion who has won over 30 First Place Ribbons!
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Nightengale (Island Alpaca Capt Jacks Nightengale) | Female - Proven
Nightengale is a fantastic mother with a beautiful face who has passed on her beauty to all of her cria. Her fleece is very fine and bright. A wonderful lineage which includes Greybeard, an 8x Champion Rosegrey male, and Snowmass Peruvian Avalanche!
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Silver Angel (Silver Angel of Island Alpaca) | Female - Proven
Eight First Place Ribbons. Silver Angel is a gorgeous young alpaca with a beautifully tight crimped and very bright classic silver grey fleece. Her fleece is absolutely beautiful! She's a very sweet and patient girl and is one eye-catching alpaca! She is the granddaughter of 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold and her sire is Magic's Talon, who has won a champion and multiple blues.
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