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Island Alpaca Company on Martha's Vineyard
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Island Alpaca Company on Martha's Vineyard

Toys & Gifts

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Electronic E Gift Certificate for Special programs gift voucher Island Alpaca Program (Digital) Gift Certificate!
Alpaca Gift Alpaca toy E-Gift Certificate - $1
Island Alpaca Gift Certificates
Alpaca Holiday Card: Fleece Navidad! as low as $1.25 Each!
Island Alpaca Greeting Cards, $1.25-$2.50
alpaca decal Alpaca Euro Decal, $1.50 - $2
party alpaca llama ballons 12" Alpaca Balloons (not filled) - $1.50
"Spit-Happens"-Bumper Sticker - $2
Alpaca Llama Fun Christmas Card Merry Christmas Cheer-Velvet Card - $2.95
alpaca finger puppet Alpaca Finger Puppets, $2.50
Bamboo Soap Dish Bamboo Soap Dish, $3.95-$4.95
Alpaca euro magnet Island Alpaca Euro Alpaca Magnet - $4
Cute Alpaca Gel Pens Cute Alpaca Gel Pen - $4.95
Alpaca Ink Pen ball point pen decorative pen Handcrafted, Alpaca-Topped, Fabric Pen SALE: $4.95-$5.95
Martha's Vineyard Puzzle postcard Alpaca card Martha's Vineyard Postcard Puzzle (Reg. $7.95) SALE - $5.95
Alpaca Llama Keychain figure Alpaca / Llama Toy Magnet, Ornament & Keychain - $5.95
Baby Alpaca Fur Bag Fur sample for needle felting Shaggy, Baby Alpaca Fur-Filled Bag - $6.95
Alpaca Cookie cutter island alpaca tin copper Alpaca Cookie Cutter (NEW!) SALE: $5.95-$6.95
Alpaca Felted Hearts Felted Alpaca Heart - Ornament - $7.95
Hand Carved Animal Pens Fun Hand Carved Wooden Animal Pens - $6.95
Alpaca Cat Toy Mouse Alpaca Fiber Crinkle Cat Toy Mouse - $8.95
Alpaca toy alpaca fur toy vicuna llama ornament Standing-Sitting-Grazing-Toy Alpaca - $9.95 - $
Alpaca Llama Fun Holiday Gift Bag Alpaca Holiday Gift Bag - $9.95
Alpaca Llama cuddly plush toy Alpaca "Lovey" Cuddly Plush Toys $10.75-$20.95
Bamboo Flute, $10.95, $12.95
Standing Alpaca-Llama Toy - $10.95-$18
Soft Cuddly Alpaca Plush Toy Penny, 8 inch Plush Alpaca Toy, $12.95
Alpaca Felted Soap Valentines Our Own Hand Felted Goat's Milk Soap $14.95 - $14.95
Island Alpaca Alpaca Fur Coin Purse Alpaca Fur Coin Purse - $15.95
Baby Alpaca Fur Hat Key Chain Alpaca Fur Heart Key Chain - $13.95
Alpaca Coin Purse Embroidered Coin Purse - $14.95
Educational Horseshoe Puzzle - $19.95
ALPACA QUALITY YOGA MAT Alpaca Yoga Mat for Our Alpaca Yoga Classes - $15
Island Alpaca 100% baby alpaca felted toy figure 100% Baby Alpaca, Hand-Felted Alpaca Ornament and Figure $15.95, $17.95 & $48.50
Alpaca Felted Goat's Milk Soap Handcrafted Organic Soaps Wrapped in Felted Alpaca $15.95
Cute Alpaca Plush Cuddle Toy Curly Q Alpaca Plush Toy $16.75-$36.75
Island Alpaca 'Spit Happens' T-shirt
alpaca fleece sample bag, spinning, knitting alpaca Alpaca Fleece Gift Bags - $16.95
Alpaca Plush toy cuddly soft "Ali", 11-12 Inch Cuddly Plush Toy - $18.95
Baby Alpaca Fur Bears: $19.95-$198
Llama Alpaca Plush toy stuffed animal "Angelito" Alpaca 12" Plush Toy - $19.75
Alpaca Teddy Bear Small 100% Baby Alpaca Sorella Teddy Bear $19.95-$21.95
Martha's Vineyard Puzzle Martha's Vineyard Oak Bluffs Puzzle - 500 Pieces - $22.95
Alpaca Big Face Tee Shirt 100% Cotton Made in USA "Revelation", Island Alpaca Tee Shirt, $18.90-$28.90
Alpaca Big Face Tie Die Tee Shirt, T-Shirt "Bruno" Alpaca, Tie-Dye Tee Shirt $18.90-$28.90
Alpaca Felted Goats Milk and Shea Soap Organic XL Felted Organic Goats Milk & Shea Soap with Soap Dish!
Cuddly soft alpaca plush toy "Boondocker", 11-12 Inch, Cuddly Plush Toy - $22.95
MV Ag Fair Tee Shirt Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair Tee Shirt $20
Alpaca Nativity Mini Alpaca Nativity - $21.50
Martha's Vineyard Puzzle - $21.95
Alpaca Plush Toy  purse SACK for girls Plush PInk Alpaca in a Purse - $24.95
Alpaca llama salt and pepper shaker set Painted Alpaca-Llama Salt & Pepper Set - $24.95
Cuddly-Cocoa 12" Plush Toy Alpaca - $24.95
Certamic Nativity Alpaca Nativity Christmas Ceramic Alpaca Nativity Small - $25.75
Alpaca Plush Toy  purse SACK for girls Cherry Surprise Plush Alpaca Sassy Sack - $25.95
Alpaca Llama Plush hand puppet Pepe The Alpaca Hand Puppet - $26.50
Ceramic Alpaca with Nativity Scene - $29.75
Alpaca Hand Puppet - $39.50
Alpaca Hooded Sweatshirt Cotton Hoodie Island Alpaca Hooded Sweatshirt $34.50-$44.50
Baby Alpaca Felted Toy-Figure, Handmade 9 Inch Baby Alpaca Felted Toy-Figure - $38.50
Island Alpaca Baby Alpaca Felted Figure Toy Wholesome 7-8 Inch Sitting Baby Alpaca Felted Figure $39.50
Alpaca Llama Float Water Pool Toy Alpaca-Llama Float - $39.90
Alpaca Teddy Bear Small Ro-Bearto 100% Baby Alpaca "Ro-Bearto" Teddy Bear, $39-$44
100% Baby alpaca fur toy alpaca 100% Baby Alpaca Fur Alpaca (8-1/2 to 9 inch) $39.50-$59
100% BABY ALPACA TOY FIGURE DYED BRIGHLY COLORED 100% Baby Alpaca Fur Toy-Figure 8-1/2 to 9 inch - $42.50
Alpaca Puppet (Full Body) - $44.50
Alpaca Mask Halloween costume prop Alpaca Face Mask SALE! (Reg. $59.50) - $39.50
Llama Alpaca flannel Pajama Night Shirt Cotton Alpaca-Llama Print Pajama Top, $45.50
Alpaca Flannel Pajama Pants Fun, Flannel Alpaca Pajama Pant, $45.50
Baby Alpaca Fur Horse/Pony - $49.50
Alpaca fur alpaca toy - soft Baby Alpaca Fur Alpaca Toy, $49-$99
Alpaca Fur stuffed puppy dog toy Baby Alpaca Fur Puppy - $49
Baby Alpaca Lying Lion Toy Baby Alpaca Fur Lion, $49-$59
100% Baby Alpaca Teddy Bear Baci 100% Baby Alpaca "Baci" Teddy Bear, $49-$54
Baby Alpaca Chicken bird rooster toy Baby Alpaca Fur Chicken - $49.50
Alpaca-opoly Board Game - $51
Baby Alpaca Suri-Bear, - $59
Alpaca Hat and Glove Set - Texting Hooded Glove Alpaca Cable Hat & Hooded Fingerless Glove Set - $59.50
Reversible Alpaca Hat & Glove Set, $75.50
Alpaca Suri Alpaca Toy Silky Soft 12-13" Suri Baby Alpaca - $79
Alpaca Fur bear PAPA fur teddy bear 100% Baby Alpaca "Papa" Bear, $98-$118
Fluffy soft adorable baby alpaca fur figure 2XL & 3XL, 17"-19" Premium Baby Alpaca Figures $168-$198
Alpaca Puzzle with pieces wooden quality exclusive Roberto Wooden Alpaca Puzzle - $189
Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair Poster Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair Poster Framed
Alpacas for sale! Priceless

Phone: 508-693-5554
Location: 1 Head of the Pond Road, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard
Mailing address: PO Box 1515, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

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